Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) for South Asian Populations

Assessing Volunteer Participation, and the Policy, Organizational, and Gender and Ethno-specific Impacts

This study will evaluate the implementation of the Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) and the refinements made specifically for the South Asian population in the York Region. The study will analyze how the demographic characteristics of residents attending the sessions are correlated with indicators of attendance, uptake, compliance, and changes in risk factors. It will also assess how gender and ethnicity intersect to affect the uptake of an intervention. This study will also explore the experiences of South Asian volunteers in general and those who volunteer for CHAP. It will also look at the opportunities and barriers to having community agencies participate as part of the formal health care system. Finally, it will look at the extent to which the work of community social services agencies associated with CHAP is gendered, and the norms of doing unpaid work as paid labour in these organizations.

The information will be used to test the robustness of a modified CHAP intervention, which can be used to prepare for similar adaptations to communities with diverse ethnocultural populations, to improve their awareness of cardiovascular health and to help decrease their risk of having cardiovascular complications.We anticipate major benefits to the health of the South Asian community through reductions in blood pressure and the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyle choices. We also expect to provide education on sex/gender differences in cardiovascular disease.

In terms of community impacts given our transformative approach, we also expect research results to aid local community organizations in their recruitment and retention of volunteers, highlight the gendered labour of staff working within their organizations, and provide insight on opportunities and barriers to linking and integrating with the formal health system.

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