About Dr. Tamara Daly, Professor

Dr. Tamara Daly is a political economist and health services researcher, a Professor at York University, the Director of the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education, and the Director of the SSHRC Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities in Communities.  Her scholarship highlights gender and health access and outcomes; advances working, living and visiting conditions in long term residential care; and promotes promising practices, principles and policies to improve access and health equity for older adults and for those who provide their care.  She has authored numerous academic and plain language publications, is the recipient of teaching and research awards, and actively supervises graduate students in research and publication.  As an expert in long-term care, Dr. Daly is frequently invited to speak at research and policy conferences.

Current roles:

Professor in the Faculty of Health, School of Health Policy & Management at York University.

Director of the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education (YU-CARE).


Nominated Principal Investigator on a project entitled What’s Past is Prologue: Comparing Long-term Care Workers and Working Conditions Between Canada and Nordic Countries 10 Years Later.

Co-investigator and Theme leader on a project entitled Seniors-Adding Life to Years (SALTY).

Principal Investigator on a project entitled Invisible Women

Nominated Principal Investigator on a project to adapt the Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) to South Asian communities in York Region

Co-investigator and Co-theme leader in an international 7 year, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) project entitled Re-imagining Long Term Residential Care: an International Study of Promising Practices

Dr. Tamara Daly holds a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Chair in Gender, Work and Health. In recent years, she received the York University Special Recognition for Research Leadership two years in a row (2013, 2014); the Faculty of Health Dean’s Teaching Award – Early Career (2012); and the 19th Annual Labelle Lectureship (2010), for her teaching and research contributions.

New and Noteworthy:

New papers, presentations, and research stories from Dr. Tamara Daly’s projects are regularly added here.