About Dr. Tamara Daly, Professor

Dr. Tamara Daly is a feminist political economist and health services researcher, a Professor at York University, the Director of the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education, and the Director of the SSHRC Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities in Communities.  She held a CIHR Research Chair in Gender, Care Work and Health (2013-2018). Her scholarship highlights gender and health access and outcomes; advances working, living and visiting conditions in long term residential care; and promotes promising practices, principles and policies to improve access and health equity for older adults and for those who provide their care.  She has authored more than 100 academic and plain language publications, is the recipient of teaching and research awards, and actively supervises students’ research and towards publication.  As an expert in care work, community supports, home care ageing and long-term care, Dr. Daly is frequently featured in the media on health care topics and at research and policy conferences.

Current Roles:

Dr. Tamara Daly was awarded the 2014/15 Faculty of Health Dean’s Research Award in the Established Career Category. She is a 3x recipient of a York University Special Recognition for Research Leadership (2013, 2014, 2018); a CIHR and Mental Health Commission of Canada People’s Choice Award (2017); the Faculty of Health Dean’s Teaching Award – Early Career (2012); and the McMaster University / CHEPA 19th Annual Labelle Lectureship (2010). She has held a CIHR Research Chair, A CIHR / CHSRF Postdoctoral Fellowship Award; and a CIHR / NHRDP Doctoral Scholarship.