Seniors -Adding Life to Years (SALTY)

Seniors – Adding Life To Years (SALTY) is a four-year study on quality of life among people in late life who are living in residential long-term care settings, their caregivers and supporters.

The project, involving decision makers, clinicians, care providers, including family and friends care, is being conducted in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia, led by Professor Janice Keefe at Mount Saint Vincent University and director of the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging.

The SALTY research program is organized in 4 streams that address interrelated themes in late life care.  Diverse members of the SALTY team are engaged in (1) monitoring care practices, (2) mapping approaches to care relationships, (3) evaluating innovative practices and (4) examining policy contexts.

York U Faculty of Health Professor Tamara Daly will co-lead stream two “approaches to care relationships” with Professor Ivy Bourgeault of University of Ottawa and Dr. Katie Aubrecht of Mount Saint Vincent. This research is mapping the social and relational dimensions of quality of life and quality of care in LTC facilities, providing fresh insight into the relationships that “add life to years” and the implications for improving late life care for Canadians, focusing on programs, practices and policies being used in residential long-term care facilities across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Stream two will be housed at the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education.

This project is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Co-Investigators in Stream II

Tamara Daly (Stream Co-lead)
Ivy Bourgeault (Stream Co-lead)
Katie Aubrecht (Stream Co-lead)
Jacqueline Choiniere
Susan Stevens
Emily Marshall
Melissa Andrew
Susan Braedley
Hugh Armstrong
Pat Armstrong

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