Research Team

Negeen Pak, MA, BSc |

Negeen Pak holds a M.A. in Health Policy, Equity and Management from York University. Currently, Negeen manages current projects such as SALTY, Age-Friendly, CHAP, and the Long-Term Care Workers’ and Privately Paid Companions’ Surveys. Negeen’s primary research interests include feminist political economy, understanding barriers for equity seeking communities, and accessible health care services for marginalized communities.

Kate Laxer, PhD | Research Associate

Kate’s research focuses on workers in health and social care with particular attention to issues of gender, race/ethnicity, immigration, support work, and precariousness.  Kate is working on several projects with Tamara Daly, including researching caregivers in long-term care and investigating the relationship between heart disease, diabetes and the social determinants of health among South Asian populations in the Toronto area. Kate is a co-investigator on two projects, including with the SSHRC-funded Insight Grant, What’s Past is Prologue: Comparing Long Term Care Workers and Working Conditions Between Canada and Nordic Countries 10 Years Later (PI Dr. Tamara Daly). Her background is in sociology and feminist political economy.

Alison Jenkins Jayman, PhD | Research Associate

Alison holds a PhD in sociology from York University. Her research interests encompass social inequality, health and health care, and public policy in Canada and abroad.


Guytano Virdo, MA | PhD Candidate

Guytano has a MA in Health Policy from York University and is a PhD Candidate in Policy Studies at Ryerson University. His dissertation examines precarious labour in the context of hospitals in Ontario, with a focus on nurses and ancillary workers.  Prior to joining Tamara Daly’s research team, Guytano was a research assistant at Ryerson University and recently he attended the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Polly Ford-Jones, MA, PCP | PhD Candidate

Polly Ford-Jones is a PhD student in Health Policy and Equity at York University and is a primary care paramedic.  Her primary research interests are in the social determinants of health and mental health, mental health care and social care in the prehospital setting.

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