Why do Prescriptive or Interpretive Approaches to Long-Term Care Staffing Regulations Matter? An Exploration of Restrictive, Resistive, and Responsive Work Organization Models

Tamara Daly, Malcolm Doupe, Monika Goldman, Frode Fadnes Jacobsen, Beatrice Müller, Jim Struthers, Deanne Taylor (October 2014), Dissent + Resistance in the Workplace in the Context of Neoliberalism, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.

How Do Care Work Hierarchies & Task Orientation Impact Care Workers’ Experiences of Occupational Health and Safety? Case Studies of LTC in Toronto

Iffath Syed, Tamara Daly, Ruth Lowndes, Pat Armstrong, Martin Chadoin, Vishaya Naidoo, and Charlotte Rowell (May 28, 2014), Canadian Public Health Association, Toronto, Canada.

How Can We See Invisible Labour in Long-term Care?

(May 14, 2014), “Re-Directing the Gaze: An International Quest for Promising Practices in Long-Term Residential Care” International Care Research Conference,  Re-Imagining Long-Term Residential Care: International Study of Promising Practices, Bergen, Norway.

Health research celebration spans disciplines toward change.

Y-File (March 14, 2014). There are two certainties in life – death and taxes, said Professor Tamara Daly at the most recent research celebration at York. Her research focuses on how to better use taxes to make the last few years of life better for those in long-term care in residential settings. Daly, of theContinue reading “Health research celebration spans disciplines toward change.”

Liminality in Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes: Private Companions in the Space ‘Betwixt and Between’ Formal/Informal Regulation and Care Work

Tamara Daly, Pat Armstrong and Ruth Lowndes (Feb 6 2014), Association of Industrial Relations Academics in Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) Conference, Melbourne, Australia.