When Management Indicators Make Work Harder and Less Satisfying: The Case of Personal Support Workers in Ontario

Martin Chadoin, Karen Messing, Tamara Daly, Pat Armstrong, Vishaya Naidoo, Charlotte Rowell, Iffath Syed and Ruth Lowndes (October 7-9, 2014) “Quand les indicateurs de gestion dégradent le travail: Le cas de préposés aux bénéficiaires en Ontario,” 45th Annual Conference of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists, Montreal, Canada.

Why do Prescriptive or Interpretive Approaches to Long-Term Care Staffing Regulations Matter? An Exploration of Restrictive, Resistive, and Responsive Work Organization Models

Tamara Daly, Malcolm Doupe, Monika Goldman, Frode Fadnes Jacobsen, Beatrice Müller, Jim Struthers, Deanne Taylor (October 2014), Dissent + Resistance in the Workplace in the Context of Neoliberalism, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.