York U research program to shed light on gender influences in senior care work

Y-File (March 1, 2013).

“Health care work is unhealthy and at times dangerous work, with the most challenging conditions prevailing in LTC settings. We don’t often talk about gender in LTC settings even though care work is primarily performed by women,” says Daly, a professor at the School of Health Policy & Management in York University’s Faculty of Health.

Approximately 200,000 older adults – also mostly women – live in one of the 2,136 long-term care facilities across the country, Daly cites Statistics Canada, explaining the need for research in the area.

“This program will help to better understand working in and receiving LTC, and to inform policymakers about resident’s and worker’s health and safety,” says Daly. It is built on her existing research program and will be supported by eight partner organizations collectively representing more than half a million care workers and 27,000 LTC facility beds in Ontario.


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