‘No! Personal Support Workers Have No Voice’: Epistemological Violence in Residential Care for Older People

Albert Banerjee, Pat Armstrong, Tamara Daly, Hugh Armstrong, Marta Szebehely, and Susan Braedley (November 2011), Australian Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Poster: ‘She is like my family here…’ Reliance on Formal Care Providers for Social and Emotional Support by HIV-Positive Women Living in Toronto

Sarah Stranks, Tamara Daly, Mark Halman, and Julie Maggi (July 18-23, 2010), XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria.

Unheard Voices, Unmapped Terrain: Care Work and Long-Term Residential Care for Older People in Canada and Sweden

Tamara Daly and Marta Szebehely (June 22, 2010), Transforming Care: Provision, Quality and Inequalities in Late Life, International conference at the Danish National Centre for Social Research, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nurses’ Mental Health Risks: A Report of On-Going Research

Jackie Choiniere, Judith MacDonnell, Tamara Daly, and Hope Shamonda (October 10, 2009), We Can Do IT: Evidence and Interventions for Transforming Mental Health in the Workplace, 4th Annual Canadian Congress for Research on Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace, Toronto, Canada.

Unheard Voices, Unmapped Terrain: Comparative Welfare Research and Paid Care for Older People in Sweden and Canad

Marta Szebehely and Tamara Daly (August 21, 2009), RC19 Conference, Social Policies: Local Experiments, Travelling Ideas, International Sociological Association, Montreal, Canada.