Take Back Aging: Power, Critique, and Imagination (Trent Aging 2019)

Session: Talking Back and Taking Back: Re-Imagining Age-Friendly Cities from Intersections of Humanities and Social Sciences Taking up Gender, Culture and Meaning: Moving the Needle on Age-Friendly Tamara Daly, York University, Canada Susan Braedley, Carleton University, Canada Sally Chivers, Trent University, Canada Session: Risk, Racialization, Gender and Sex: Embodying Qualities of Everyday Lives in Long-Term CareContinue reading “Take Back Aging: Power, Critique, and Imagination (Trent Aging 2019)”

New Book: Exercising Choice in Long-Term Residential Care

Edited by: Pat Armstrong & Tamara Daly DOWNLOAD HERE “Our research indicates that strategies intended to support choices for long-term care residents must be based on the understanding that care is a relationship involving residents, their families and workers. It also means understanding that appropriate conditions of work are central to care as a relationshipContinue reading “New Book: Exercising Choice in Long-Term Residential Care”

Health research celebration spans disciplines toward change.

Y-File (March 14, 2014). There are two certainties in life – death and taxes, said Professor Tamara Daly at the most recent research celebration at York. Her research focuses on how to better use taxes to make the last few years of life better for those in long-term care in residential settings. Daly, of theContinue reading “Health research celebration spans disciplines toward change.”